2020 Top Nine Projects

Blue Succulents with Bronze Lettering

Amazonia Logo with Blue Succulents and Branches

Blue Amazonia Logo

Mixed Moss Amor Logo

Ombre Moss Wave Wall

Large Scale Moss Wall

Moss and Succulent Holiday Wreath

Framed Balance Flow Mixed Mosses

Blue Amazonia with Bronze Lettering

Framed Ombre Moss Art

Botanica with Chromatic Accents Panels

Balance Flow Ombre Moss Art

Botanica with Chromatic Accents Panels

Mixed Moss Strips

Botanica Collection with Chromatic Accents

Mixed Moss Floating Letters

Mixed Moss with Colorful Reindeer Moss Art

You Matter Sheet Moss Lettering

Framed Organic Flow Mixed Moss

Mixed Mosses Neutral Palette Logo

Colorful Reindeer Moss with Neutral Mixed Moss

Hexagonal Preserved Moss Art - Neutral Palette

Preserved Moss Logo at Paramount Apartments in Alexandria, Virginia

Structured Flow Preserved Moss Wall

Preserved Moss and Succulent Art

Preserved Moss Art Strips for Commerical Client in Burlington, VT

Balanced Flow Preserved Moss Art for Paramount Apartments in Alexandria, VA

Origin Series Preserved Moss Art Frame - Delicate Forest Floor Layout

AMLI Chiquita Preserved Moss Wall Section in Midtown Miami

Tall Preserved Moss Strips with Christina and Gina!